I Hear A New World: I Hear A New World 1

Released 17 Dec 2009

TEN TRACKS: I HEAR A NEW WORLD, November '09The Skinny magazine's musical cocktail maker and shaker of choice, and Said The Gramophone-recommended curator, Milo McLaughlin selects some TUNES!

wounded knee i hear a new world 0

Anthem For The Call Centre Worker

Wounded Knee

Reclaiming the corporate-speak of the robot voices that greet us on the other end of the line as a call to arms for all downtrodden customer service representatives. Wounded Knee transforms a common depression into a into a perversely uplifting anthem.

withered hand i hear a new world 1

Religious Songs

Withered Hand

Not many religious songs contain the line “I beat myself off when I sleep on your futon” but the title track from Withered Hand’s new EP combines themes of faith, doubt, sex and inexplicably uncomfortable furniture without blinking an eye.

kazoo funk orchestra 1

Robots In Your Eyes

The Kazoo Funk Orchestra

All songs about robots are brilliant – FACT. This 1:12 minutes of mechanical mayhem is even better than that one from the Flight of the Conchords and will probably single-handedly hasten the onset of the singularity, when machine intelligence finally wi

Gummi Bako 0

I'm Depressed

Gummi Bako

Gummi seems to have the bakery-related blues (“too much hot-cross loving”), but then things take an abrupt turn for the positive:“I wanna go ballooning, right up past the Moon and Mars, and get lost amongst a million billion drillion, zillion stars.

employee of the month 0

Brainwave - Corrupted

Employee of the Month

From the pristinely produced Brainwave EP, this track is crying out to be used to soundtrack a film with similarly innovative, mind-blowing visuals.

Ambulances 1



Raasaay is a laid-back love-in that will make dreamers out of over-achievers.

Enfant Bastard i hear a new world 0

Michael Jackson

Enfant Bastard

Here, Edinburgh based lo-fi genius Enfant Bastard is trying to convince us that although he appears to be a skinny white bloke, he is in fact the facially-challenged post-black moonwalking nutjob who refers to himself as the King of Pop.

white heath 1

When The Watchmen Leave Their Stations

White Heath

You know you're in for a treat right away when a big feckin' tuba kicks in, but just wait for the chorus when it all comes together in a swinging, serenading New Orleans-march-through-the-streets-then-onto-a-boat-down-the Mississippi of lovestruck majesty

Meursault hear a new world 0

William Henry Miller Part 1


Meursault are perhaps better known for their blistering electronica-based live sets but here they excel in the acoustic realm with impassioned vocals, banjo, handclaps and harmonies. The EP Nothing Broke from which this comes is ACE too.

men diamler 0

Black as a Cat in the Morning

Men Diamler

A deceptively simple ode... to depression... as if by depression itself, personified as a young American male who, it emerges, has a rye sense of self-effacing humour. Highly rousing at points, which is surprising for such subject matter.

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The Skinny magazine's musical cocktail maker and shaker of choice, and Said The Gramophone-recommended curator, Milo McLaughlin selects some TUNES!

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